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    What is the National Program?

    The Program was established under Federal Law No. 2 of 2014 under the umbrella of the Ministry of Economy. The Program is supervised by a specialized council affiliated to the Ministry which, aims to enable small and medium-sized National entrepreneurs and developing the general frameworks and guidelines that aim at providing the necessary expertise and the technical, administrative and training support in various fields in order to promote and develop small and medium-sized enterprises in addition to preparing periodic evaluations of them. Moreover, it provides coordination with federal and local government bodies and the private sector to market the products of the projects and enterprises inside and outside the UAE, as well as coordination with the concerned bodies to provide benefits and incentives for these projects.

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    Which Governmental entity does the program belong to?

    The National Program is part of the Ministry of Economy 

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    What is the NP goals and objectives?

    1. The program aims to develop projects and facilities to be a major supporter of the country's economic development.
    2. Spreading and encouraging a culture of research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship that achieves the country's economic aspirations
    3. Coordinating the efforts of the concerned authorities to develop projects and facilities
    4. Enhancing the competitiveness of projects and establishments in order to provide job opportunities for the benefit of the national economy
    5. Develop programs and initiatives aimed at developing projects and establishments
    6. Stimulating and supporting citizens to enter the labor market in the field of projects and establishments and to contribute to the country's gross domestic product.
    7. Enhancing the state's position as a center for entrepreneurship and setting up projects and establishments
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    What are the privileges the members will gain?

    1. Credit facilities, promotion and marketing provided that this shall not conflict with any financial or legal obligations. 
    2. Obliging the federal bodies to grant the SMES no less than 10% of total contracts. 
    3. Companies in which the Federal Government owns a ratio of no less than 25% of its capital, is committed to contract with the projects and enterprises in the UAE by rate of not less than 5% of the total contracts. 
    4. Simplifying the processes and procedures as wellas the reduction of fees. 
    5. Allocation of the necessary space in both local and international events and exhibitions in which the United Arab Emirates is part of. 
    6. Organization of local exhibitions catering to the SMES needs and further promoting their products and services 
    7. The possibility of exempting projects and enterprises from tax. 
    8. Exemption of projects and enterprises from the labor bank guarantee. 
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    What kind of supports the members will get from NP?

    1. Business Support: Obtaining a set of facilities and incentives and providing expertise and training, administrative and technical support in various fields, in order to support and develop the business. 
    2. Participation in Foreign Exhibitions: Allocating a suitable space for the member entrepreneurs to display locally-made products at international exhibitions. 
    3. Financing: Providing financial support that allows businesses to grow and overcome obstacles, allowing them to achieve better profit returns and enhance their presence in local and foreign markets. 
    4. Marketing: Coordination with federal and local government bodies and the private sector to market the products of projects and enterprises inside and outside the UAE, as well as coordination with the concerned bodies to provide benefits and incentives for these projects. 
    5. Providing Information: The establishment of a special database of the National Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and providing the information required on the foreign markets, thus allowing the opportunity for business growth. 
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    What is the National Program ID number?

    All activated members of the National Program are given a unique Identification Number, (NP ID) to be recognized by the program and by other organization connected to the NP portal. 

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    Should I register to get the National Program ID?

    Yes, you should register to get ID number 

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    If I am registered with another SME supporting organization, should I register in NP to get all the privileges?

    All other organizations’ members will become a member automatically, however, there is a need to complete some information to activate your account and get the NP ID.

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    How to register in the National Program Platform?

    To register in the in the NP portal, follow these steps that clarified in the diagram 

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    Does the registration in the NP needs activation?

    Yes. It needs activation

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    Can I get the National Program ID before the activation?

    No. your account needs to be activated before we get the NP ID.

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    How much time is required to activate the account?

    It takes from 3-7 days to activate your account, but it can take longer depends on the process

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    What are the documents and requirements needed to be uploaded on the NP portal for activation?

    1. Copy of Valid passport for the applicant
    2. Copy of family book 
    3. Copy of the national ID card 
    4. Personal photo 
    5. Copy of trade licenses
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    Does all the NP privileges, assigned to the members only? What if I am a SME and I am not a member?

    Yes. All privileges are assigned to the members only, however, you can get these privileges once you registered and activated your account in the National Program Portal, and receive your NP ID number, and then register in the Ministry of Finance portal to get your ID as well, and then you can apply for the tenders in the National Program Portal. 

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    What is the NP membership criteria?

    Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) are classified into three sectors: Trading, Industry and Services. Each sector is divided into three categories: Micro, Small and Medium and all of which vary in terms of the number of employees and annual returns.

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    What is the NP eligibility criteria & requirement?

    • The applicant should be a UAE citizen 
    • The applicant should not be under the age of 18 when registered 
    • If the application is for an existing business, it should not exceed three years since startup. 
    • Number of trade licenses issued per applicant prior to submitting membership application should not exceed (4). Or During exemption period only one license will be issued.
    • Should submit all the required documents and identification certificates for the NP

    To register in the National Program your company must be: 

    • 100 % owned and managed by a UAE National.
    • The company should be registered in the UAE 
    • Classified as a small or medium-size enterprise according to the NP SME Definition. 
    • In operation for at least one year.
    • Should be insured by accredited and certified insurance company in the UAE according to the required insurance 
    • Registered in the Tax Federal Authority  in UAE 
    • Should have ISO certificate in case the projects are in manufacturing sector 
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    Is the NP membership free?

    Yes, it is free of charge 

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    How long it is valid for?

    Valid every two years after renewing the trade license.

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    What are the rules and regulations that members should follow?

    • Member should work on achieving the NP goals and objectives and avoid everything will harm any third part, or the entity or even will its reputation. 
    • To follow the NP rules and regulations  and the decisions of the Board of Directors
    • To cooperate with the Board of Directors and carry out its duties.
    • Be committed to update its data through the electronic platform of the NP periodically and avoid any false information 
    • Do not publish or transfer the access data of the NP to any one or anywhere and do not use the NP logo in any documents, without referring to us, because that will be forbidden. 
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    What will happened if a member breaks one of the membership rules?

    The membership will be terminated and the account will be closed 

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    When the membership will be cancelled? Are members are legally exposed?

    • Death or when membership expired  
    • When not fulfilled with one or more of the stipulated membership conditions
    • If he violates one of the terms of membership of the NP 
    • When damages or causes damage to the property of the NP and we have the right to legally prosecute them
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    What will happened if a member breaks one of the membership rules?

    The membership will be terminated and the account will be closed